[Warning] Regarding malicious scam sites imitating Randy

Thank you for always using the Randy Online Store.
Recently, the existence of a malicious scam website has been discovered that has reproduced our "Randy" shop logo without permission.

Although the shop name is "Randy" and our company name, "BAQU Co., Ltd.", is listed in the company information, please be aware that this site has no connection to our company whatsoever .

▼ Example of fraudulent website display 1

▼ Example of fraudulent website display 2

*Our company is registered as a corporation in Japan. They are using our company name without permission and presenting it as if we are running a fraudulent website, which is quite malicious.

▼ Example 3 of fraudulent website display

Branded products are unnaturally cheap

Our shop Randy is
Only available. If you use such fake sites, not only may you fall victim to a scam, such as not receiving your purchased product, but your personal information may also be illegally obtained.

Please be careful not to access fraudulent sites, enter personal information, place orders, or make payments on such sites. If you do fall victim to this scam, please organize the circumstances of your purchase, prepare proof of payment, and contact the cybercrime consultation desk at your nearest police station or consumer center.

<Characteristics of typical fraudulent websites>
・Uses our official images
・Branded products are unnaturally cheap
-Sales status is displayed in real time
・Payment method is cash on delivery only

We will take down such sites as appropriate and take legal action, but we also ask our customers to be cautious and recommend purchasing from authorized retailers to prevent damage.

In addition, we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise between customers and fraudulent sites.
We ask our customers to please be cautious.
We appreciate your continued patronage of Randy.